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Kort has provided dance instruction in many styles of dance for 15 years. Since 1998, he has been teaching individuals and couples in adult communities in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

His classes continue to grow every year showing that he is the instructor of choice!

Nothing gives him greater pleasure than to give his students a sense of accomplishment about what they have achieved in class.

Dance For The Health of It: Kort developed Dance For The Health Of It, a program of exercise through learning dance steps and routines. In all his classes, he provides a unique approach to teaching correct technique which enhances the exercise and dance experiences of his students. Kort choreographs all his routines designed to be learned easily, he emphasizes movement to increase your heart rate.

Line Dance Classes: For the new beginner just starting out, Kort offers a unique approach: One wall line dances. This approach is helpful to those that are beginning in line dancing. It allows the dancer to master the steps easily without the confusion of turning to a new wall and losing sight of the instructor.

Kort is the only instructor in Arizona to offer this unique approach and many Valley instructors have come to his classes to learn this technique for use in their classes.

Couples Classes: Kort is committed to teaching every individual to dance. He concentrates on the basics, you can't master combinations if you haven't mastered the basics says Kort. He is also one of the few instructors in the valley to teach you the steps instead of showing you the steps. He ensures that each couple learns lead and follow techniques. If you've always wanted to dance, this is the place to start!

DJ and MC Services: Kort is quickly becoming the DJ of choice for dances and special events throughout the Valley. He ensures that his database of music is the latest and greatest and no one wants to leave the dance floor when he is in control. You'll find it hard to sit in your chair!

You won't find another DJ that goes that extra mile to make sure his music is top notch dance music for all the social dances, Line, Country, Swing, Latin, Sockhop and Ballroom. Plus you have the added bonus that Kort can teach line and couples dancing.

Kort has streamlined his equipment with the highest technology so it can be set up anytime, anywhere in minutes. No extended setup and breakdown times are needed nor a large setup area. Perfect for any occasion in a ballroom or in the park.

Kort's Philosophy: Kort genuinely cares that each dancer is able to master the steps. His commitment to each and every dancer is to help them achieve their personal best. His slow and methodical style ensures that each dancer masters the steps.

Kort's Philosophy is not to try and make perfect dancers, but to help dancers have fun on the dance floor. Kort says "I just want every one to have fun and feel good about what they've accomplished in class."

Come Experience the difference!

About our Instructor Kort Kurdi


Dedicated to providing you with the very best in dance instruction

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